Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ANTM Recap

This week on ANTM episode 4, Tyra gave Brenda another "Ty-Over" and shortened her sides to give her an edgy mohawk, mainly because the other haircut made her look like a soccer mom. I must say that I'm not a big fan of Brenda but with this new 'Do she stands out more too me, in a good way. For the challenge the girls are taken to Times Square where "Heros" star Dania Ramirez introduces herself as the new face of Cover Girl Clean and also lets the girls know they will be doing a 30 second commercial for Cover Girl Clean but without lines. The catch was that they had to express the lines through their emotions and actions, live on a jumbo-tron in front of hundreds of people in Times Square. Tatianna is crowned the winner of the challenge and wins a photo-shoot for Cover girl that will be shown in Teen Vogue.

The girls had a Twilight inspired photo-shoot, in a tub of blood shot by Sarah Silver and wore whiteout contacts to obscure their vision. Surprisingly all the girls pretty much rocked it on set with the exception of Simone. After the shoot Brenda decides she needs to carry the cry baby torch that Ren left behind and starts whining about how she had a panic attack due to the contacts she wore on set.

At panel Tyra comes in with yet ANOTHER unitard/jumpsuit! Its beginning to be a bit much and I'm sick of seeing her in them, its time for her to rock something new!!!!! Alasia came with the fire in her photo-shoot, and wins best photo of the week. Anslee decides to blame everyone but herself for her failed commercial and blah picture, and the judges were not feeling that! Therefore she heads to the bottom two with Simone, but they decide to give her a chance to redeem herself and Simone goes home, WOMP!! We had a second of silence in her memory, now its on to the next one.



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