Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Diary of a Fab Stylist

I just have to say I adoreeeee accessories I think the majority of my posts will be in regards to this topic because umm I adore them! Lol. If i’m in a hoodie and Uggs or some Docs a cute vintage leather I ALWAYS have at least a ring and a pair of earrings on. Accessories play a crucial role in an outfit it can mean the difference between super boring and super exciting. Have you ever noticed that when you rock earrings regardless of what you have on it changes your look and also brightens up your face a bit? I’m a student so there are days when I am NOT looking my absolute best, but throwin on some shades, a pair of hoops and a cute ring elevates my look and provides a cute distraction from my tired eyes. Ye I said it! I’m human I get tired I’m not always glammed up and i don’t really wear makeup. Even the glamourous of them all, Naomi “Na Na” Campbell has her days! But as you can see she will still rock minimal accessories to make sure she doesn’t look rundown. The moral of the story is whether you feel good or not fashion is about looking your best even if you don’t feel like it, whether you have to throw on some Rachel Zoe sunnies to hide your tired eyes or dress up a blah `fit with some accessories. Do it! If you look good you feel good, put your best foot forward at all times, don’t imitate or duplicate...be you!


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