Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fashion Flashback

Here at liipstik, we’re firm believers in the saying, “You don’t know where you’re going, until you know where you came from.” The same goes for fashion. From season to season, trends from the past keep on popping up on runways, stores and on the streets. So we’ve decided to pay tribute to some past styles we ADORED. They may not have been the best, but gosh darn they were FIERCE at the time. Read more to see who today's fashion flashback is from.

Today our fashion flashback comes from Mya. In the beginning of the decade, she hit the music scene with her memorable appearance with Sisqo in “It’s All About Me.” And then with her next hit “Movin’ on” featuring Silk the Shocker.

This video has many looks I tried on my own as a young kid. My ultimate favourite, the butterfly clips! Seriously, I had them in every colour. Every week I would go to the dollar store with my allowance and spend all of my five bucks on an array of clips, in all sizes and colours. I had to make sure with all my outfits had a matching clip. Hey don’t laugh too hard! Ladies you know you did it too.

Not only were the clips a fashion statement in the video, Mya’s memorable dance number in the middle of a school hallway was pretty big too. The best part of the dance was Mya moon-walking in her platform sneakers. You’ll see them at about the 1:42 .My mom wouldn’t get me a pair because she said they weren’t for children. So I secretly wore my older sister’s pair of platform sneakers and danced away, of course without her knowing. Anyways enough of me ranting about the butterfly clips and platform sneakers of the past, let’s enjoy Mya’s “Movin on.”


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