Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring & Summer - Top 5 "Got-To" Grabs

Over the past few days liipstik has been giving you the scoop on the top five "Got-To" grabs of spring/summer 2010.
ATTENTION!!! Read more to find out why miltary looks are marching back onto the scene.

This season, command attention to your spring wardrobe by adding some military inspired pieces to your clothing collection. Pockets, khakis, a tailored trench, army fatigues, bold shoulder jackets and dusty hues (browns, tans and greens) will definitely give you a military-esc feel to your clothes. Chole, Louis Vuitton and Balmain continued to dominate runways with their military-inspired looks. By adding a piece or two to you're wardrobe, it will defiantly make u a fashion solider. Not to mention give you a daring new look for the oh so hot summer days.

Easy Tip:Finding the right trench coat for spring can be a big hassle on your wallet. But a browsing and hunting won’t hurt and sometimes you can find a great buy in the most unexpected places. I’m a huge fan of Joe Fresh and my sister actually found the cutest cropped trench from Joe Fresh for under $50. And when I went to go and buy one of my own they were all gone. Shhhhhh.... don’t let her know, but that trench will be mine!!!!

(Joe Fresh $39.99)

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