Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fashion Flashback -- Welcome Summer Edition

Today I was driving in my car and I officially knew that summer was around the corner only because my ULTIMATE summer song hit the airwaves, Amerie's "Why don't we fall in love."

The past few days in the city, it's been feeling like summer and people have been embracing the weather. No more heavy coats, long pants, sweaters or boots. Now it's t-shirts, shorts and sandals.

This video screams summer. Boys playing ball outside, girls in tank tops and shorts and of course summer lovin'.

I still remember the first time seeing this video back in 2002. Amerie embraced the weather looking 0o0o0o s0o0o cute in her little short shorts, high heels and her killer legs. Enough of me blabbing about how great the weather is watch this video and then go outside and enjoy it.



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