Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring & Summer - Top 5 "Got-To" Grabs

Prints allow you to explore a variety of colours all at once. Spring’s fashion forecast calls for a shower of floral, tribal, eccentric, animal, graphic prints that comes in a variety and is easy to play with. If you’re not a fan of prints and are the type who thinks wearing prints is too much, pair a print with a neutral colour (white, black, crème). For a bolder statement pair a print with a solid bright colour, just like they did at Porenza Schouler show this season.

Easy Tip:Wear prints on your most flattering body parts because it draws attention to that area. So if you don’t like your tummy don’t wear a print in that region because it draws the eye directly to your problem area. Personally, I love printed bottoms because I love to show off my legs.


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