Thursday, April 8, 2010

ANTM Recap

This week on ANTM episode 5 Miss J explains to the girls that in modeling campaigns more times then not they will have to pose with a male model in their career, and that they need to develop instant chemistry to deliver what the client wants. To warm the girls up Nigel plays the shy male model and the girls have 3 mins to break the ice with him while being themselves. Out of all the girls Anslee was herself and Jessica goes crazy and acts like a mix between Wendy Williams and the chick from the movie Obsessed.

The challenge was to pose with Ross Andrews and capture a sensual picture in only five frames. The challenge winner receives jewelery worth $6500 from Jude Francis, Jessica turns up the heat in the challenge and wins, and Alasia is the runner up and recieves jewelery as well. I'm noticing that this week Anslee is new "Ren" every time you see her shes either crying or getting really close to it, as the competition emotionally wears her out and she starts to really miss her daughter.

This weeks photo-shoot was shot by D-Nice the concept was to dress the girls in everything fake and have them pose on Canal St. to raise awareness about fakes being sold on the black market. Jessica rocks the shoot out stepping out of her box and taking chances and Alexandra "falls short" according to Jay. At panel Tyra wears yet another jumpsuit however she leaves the futuristic look behind and opts for a more fashionable red number, that I was actually feeling. Former model, and agent Pat Cleveland is the guest judge for this week. Jessica nails the best shot of the week and Tatianna and Alexandra are in the bottom two, fortunately for Alexandra they see something more in her and Tatianna goes home! Now she can pursue her dreams of being a coroner...Yay *side eye*. I liked Tatianna so she also gets a moment of silence, and now we're on to the next!



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