Monday, May 24, 2010


Rihanna has finally released her video for her new single "Rockstar 101." I'm always excited to see a Rih-Rih video because of how she dares to play with fashion.

In this video she is channelling her inner rockstar, of course the track is called "Rockstar 101." She shows you how to dress like a rockstar: she's covered with studs, chains and leather. She also sports black lipstick and very dark makeup. In the beginning of the video she is covered from head-to-toe in black paint and at the three-minute mark she dresses up like Slash from Guns N' Roses "playing" her guitar and then smashing it!!!!! Only a TRUE rockstar can do that!!

Not to mention, you'll see a familiar face, drummer Travis Barker is seen around the 1:30 mark. 0o0o such a cutie!!!!!

I'm a fan of the video. It's very dark and edgy, like a rockstar. Watching it just makes me want to grab a guitar and smash it just like a rockstar should.

watch and enjoy



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