Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day from Liipstik

Here at Liipstik we would like to wish all the mother's out there a very Happy Mother's day. We hope you enjoy it to the fullest.

We would like to wish our mothers and sister, Debra, a Happy Mother's Day as well. We are so proud of you and thankful to have you in our life to support our wild dreams and love us.

Here are some fashion tales about our liipstik mom's and sister in our lives:

Whenever I go out and show my mother my outfit for the night, she always says, "I use to be skinny like you and dress like you. When I came to Canada I weighed 98 pounds!" lol. Not to mention she always tells me how much she hates how I wear the tall, tall shoes. Thanks mom.

My mom always complains whenever I walk into the house with a shooping bag, saying I buy too much shoes, bags and clothes. But two seconds later I can't find my newly purchased items. And guess what? I find out my mom steals them to wear it for herself! Thanks mom!

And Debra I use to secretly steal her clothes and try them on and dance in the mirror. Now it's the other way. You take my clothes and try the latest dance move!! Oh how the tables have turned. And now you even ask me for fashion advice.

This video is for our moms, Debra and all the mom's out there. Get up and dance to "I got it from my momma" by

We LOVE YOU and thanks for making us FLY!


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