Monday, June 14, 2010

Fashion Flashback -- Anything

Today is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous in Toronto, so I decided to take a bike ride around my neighbourhood. And what did I see?? One of my favourite summer staples; cute boys playing basketball outside and girls watching. Well I would have liked to see the girls playing basketball as well, instead of being dressed up and posing for the boys, but I shouldn't complain. I wasn't jumping onto the basketball court joining the fellas.

Besides that, back to the point of the post. It brought back memories of one of my FAVOURITE summer tracks as a kid "Anything" by SWV. The song came out in 1992 as the lead single off the "Above The Rim" soundtrack.

I think this movie is what started my love for basketball and not to mention cute boys!!! I loved this movie. I loved Tupac. Honestly if anyone could play a bad guy you love to hate, it's Tupac. He's too cute for words and in this movie, being about six-years-old when it came out, I found my husband for life!!! I also adored Marlon Waynes and Duane Martin and Leon. Dang! What a cast of handsome men.

Anyways back to the video. SWV had girl group fashion ON POINT. Let me start by pointing out Coko and her very long nails!! To this day, no one can figure out how to fuction daily with those things! But none the less they looked FIRE!!!! Once to be cool like Coko my childhood friend, Latoya, and I taped straws to our finger nails. Yes, I did. I told you guys I was a very odd child!! They didn't turn out as cool as Coko's, but we thought we looked da BOMB!!

Watch the video closely at like the 2:00 minute mark. Want to know why? Before Miss Rih-Rih decided to chop off her hair and bring back the bobb, SWV rocked it in three different styles. Coko, with the simple and classic bobb with a centre part; and Taj had a very birght blonde bobb with a side part; and LeLee had a very unique one-sided bobb.

Either way these ladies lead the way in nails and hair design in the 1990s and definitely were a very influential group, not only musically but with their fashion sense too.

Here's SWV with "Anything"

PS. Please excuse the quailty of the video, that's the best the web could offer. If it bugs you that much, close your eyes and listen


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