Sunday, June 27, 2010

Freshmen -- Liipstik Summer shorts picks under $100

I know summer is well underway but that doesn't mean you cant get some fab shorts for a good price! So here are a few of Liipstik's picks for the summer from the Topman collection, they are all from different price-points catering to every freshman's needs and wants!

  1. Multicoloured Checkered Shorts $30
  2. Vane Dale Peterson Shorts $60
  3. Grey Jersey Carrot Crop Shorts $30
  4. Camo Boroncio Shorts $100
  5. Van Dale Pele Shorts $60
  6. Soul Beliner Shorts $100

  • For the Freshman who is confident adding a punch of colour to his look the lime green shorts and the plaid shorts (#1, 6) would be a perfect addition to your closet, they're fun and fashionable.
  • For the Freshman that wants to still look good while running errands or running to the gym the mixed gray drawstring sweatpant (#3) would be ideal. They're cute and fashionable and practical.
  • For the Freshman who is always looking to make a statement and wants an edgier short looks (#2, 4, 5) are your best bet. They are the male equivalent of the female harem pant. These shorts are for the risk-taker, someone who isn't afraid of pushing the fashionable envelope.



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