Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mariah's New Bling

Mariah Carey is getting ready to share her love of candy, perfume and bling to the world, with the launch of her new fragrance called "Lollipop Bling."

Along with her other fragrances, "M" by Mariah, Forever and Lucious Pink, Mariah has teamed up with Elizabeth Arden to add three candy-scented fragrances to her collection. All three scents are named after her hits; Honey, Mine Again and Ribbon. When fans purchase the fragrance, they also receive a free ring pop as an additional gift.

The fragrance is not in a fancy fragrance bottle like all the others, but it comes in a gumball machine!!! Elizabeth Arden wants to market the product using gumball machine gift sets and a lollipop rollerball fragrance set.

"As an artist, I'm always looking for unique business models to connect with my fans and reach out to new segments of the audience, through different creative endeavors in music, partnerships or fragrances. I think this line really comes with a fresh approach that is both innovative and accessible to my loyal fan base and beyond, but will bring something new to the market," said Carey in an interview

The three scents will be available next month at all department stores for $35 a pop.

Smell & enjoy.


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