Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Arlenis Sosa in Full Bloom

Liipstik love Arlenis Sosa looks like the perfect little housewife for her Bloomingdales shoot. I love this shoot because even though the Dominican belle is only 21-years-old, in the photograph she is speaking to women of all ages.

She is showing older ladies that they can add some style, sex appeal to their everyday looks and play with fashion in outfits that they would normally wear to the office. She's showing young girls that they can have fun and look appealing, while looking sophisticated. Plus, are you telling me you don't want to look as cute as Arlenis when your raking the leaves. COME ON. I know I would.

The shot had tons of bright, vibrant colours and it just looks like she had a blast. Her skin looks flawless and the whole shoot looked effortless for Miss. Sosa. As soon as I saw the photographs they instantly reminded me of Charlotte from "Sex and the City."





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