Friday, July 30, 2010

Get this Look -- Calm, Cool and Collected!

1. Levis, Jean Jacket, $55.00
2. Gap, Leather belt, $29.50
3. IOD, Tequila Necklace $38.00
4. Forever 21, Drawstring Cargo
5. Shorts $25.90
6. Forever 21, Basic V-Neck, $8.90
7. Moscot, Brown Miltzen Calibar
8. Sunglasses, $225.00
9. Jordan, Retro 9s, $189.00
10.G-SHock Watch, $128.00

This is a calm cool and collected look for a freshman who likes to keep it simple but still wants to be in the fashion loop.
The cargo pants are a must have because they're a neutral colour which basically means you can wear them with anything getting the most bang for your buck.

I noticed a lot of dudes love to match their colours from head to toe, but I believe in throwing random colours in the fit to mix things up as long as they compliment each other. In this ensemble the cargo pant and the orangey-red coloured V can be paired together, because you have a brighter colour and a neutral colour so that both parts of the fit aren't competing for the spotlight! Also by adding the sunshine yellow G-Shock it highlights the yellow Jordan symbol on the 9's to tie the look together!

I'm definitely a fan of layering either by way of accessories or tops, so throwing the jean jacket over top gives the look a more urban vibe. Being that I'm a sucker for accessories, don't leave home without at least one piece to compliment your look, whether it be some shades, a funky belt, a watch, or necklace!



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