Sunday, August 29, 2010

Zoe Saldana Uncovered

Last month we told you Liipstik chick, Zoe Saldana was the new spokesmodel for Calvin Klein's new lingerie line called "Envy."

We showed you the picture for the add and now we have the commercial exclusively here at We have a preview of the video. Saldana ends the video with the words, "Calvin . . . or nothing at all." ahaha. Doesn`t leave much to the imagination, but hey it`s Calvin Klein. Calvin usually has risky, and sexy ads. So if the commercial ended any other way it wouldn`t be a true Klein ad.

You can go online and watch more videos from Saldana revealing some intimate tidbits about her life, like tattoos, her love of dirt bikes, Shakespeare, crying and more. Click here to watch more

I love them. I love everything about the ad. It's all sooo sexy.

watch & enjoy.,


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