Tuesday, October 19, 2010

LG Fashion Week -- The Style of Power

Over the past few weeks the world of fashion and design have been showing off the latest fashions and trends for spring/summer 2011. And now it's Toronto's turn.

HAPPY FASHION WEEK!! Yesterday marked the first day of Toronto's LG Fashion Week for spring 2011.

If you have tickets make sure to head to the Heritage Court at the Exhibition Place to check out the shows. If you aren't as lucky try and hit up some parties.

Here's the fashion calendar for today.

3:00 PM -- Jules Power
4:00 PM -- OR by angela chen
5:00 PM -- LOVAS
5:30 PM -- Cydelic by Choryin + brilliant jewels by Collette Harmon + pooliards by Cherry Dewar
6:00 PM -- Pink Tartan
7:00 PM -- Jessica Jensen + Alexander Berardi
8:00 PM -- Line Knitwear



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