Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Tron Shoe" Disney x Jerome Rousseau Collaboration

Whenever Disney or any franchise movie company releases a movie they often sell branded items in support of their movie. Disney has a whole store dedicated to movie paraphernalia so it's no surprise Disney decided to step it up a notch, to seperate themselves from the competition. In support of their newest movie "Tron" they have teamed up with Canadian designer Jerome Rousseau to create a shoe that was a reflection of the movie without making the shoe look like it belonged in the movie. This is what Rousseau had to say about the shoe,

“In keeping with my label’s strengths, I created a style that is distinctive and strong, like the architectural nature of ‘Tron,’ yet anchored in feminine lines and luxurious constructions,” he said in a statement".

The shoes are fab but come with a hefty price tag, standing at $795 these heels are probably the most expensive movie merchandise I have seen out, come February they will be available for purchase at a special Tron pop-up shop in Los Angeles. In your opinion do you think they're worth it?



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