Thursday, December 9, 2010

All he wants for Christmas is...Dre Beats Headphones!!

Ask any dude what they want for Christmas and I almost guarantee that Beats by Dre headphones will be one of the items on the list. I have actually listened to music on these bad boys and its phenomenal, its like you're listening to music in surround sound. The quality is impeccable and the bigger headphones can act as ear muffs in the winter lol.

Honestly these headphones are the perfect gift and I know you're thinking its expensive but it is truly worth it cash. The Studio headphones are $349, the Solo headphones are $249 and the Tour earbuds are $179. Look at it like this if you get your boyfriend or brother these headphones you can always listen to your ipod with 'em so it benefits you as well! Lol, check the styles below!



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