Monday, December 6, 2010

Freshmen -- H&M Spring/Summer 2011

I know we are just experiencing the first major snowfall for the season in Toronto and it's cold outside. But here is something to keep your mind warm in thoughts of summer and spring.

Here are some pictures of H&M's spring/summer 2011 collection for men. For me seeing a well-dressed man can make me feel warm from head to toe, so I must share! I like what I see. I am loving the boots and the army green military jacket with the leather camel shoulder detail. I like the shorts as well, but the sad thing is only CERTAIN boys can pull off the shorter hemline. Can't wait to see more.

You know what would be the best thing for H&M menswear? If they would team up with a mens designer, like how they do collaborations with other major fashion houses, like Lanvin, to create an exclusive collection for the brand. HMMMMMMM, I'm thinking Tom Ford for H&M, just saying!!


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