Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No Boys Allowed!!

Ms. Keri Baby has dropped her new album "No Boys Allowed" last week and the reviews are mixed in regards to the quality of the content on the album I personally haven't fully taken in all of the songs on the album so I wouldn't be able to give an informative review. With her fiery girl power lyrics and infectious beats I'm sure the album is a hit. Out of the few songs I've listened to I will say that I'm obsessed with "One night stand" feat Chris Brown that song bumps on my Ipod all day everyday. I personally love the title of the album because I'm totally about joining the "No Boys Allowed" team, don't worry Freshmen I haven't switched teams lol it just means that I'm too grown to be talking to little boys so bring on the men! Keri has gone as far as hitting up her girl Melody Ehsani to design "No Boys Allowed" necklaces which I think is dope. I'm totally about getting one to add to my collection of accessories! Below is a close up of the necklace and the song "One Night Stand", enjoy!



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