Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get Glee For Your Nails

First was it was Katy Perry and then it was Justin Bieber teaming up with nail polish brand OPI for their own exclusive collections. Now the superstar cast of Glee is joining the celebrity list of nail polish colour lines.

Sephora by OPI is preparing to release a limited edition line of polishes inspired by Fox's hit Glee. The line has seven funky colours with fun cooky names to match: "Hell to the No," a bold purple; "Mash-Up," a pearlescent green gray, "Gleek Out," a lime, glittery green; "Miss Bossy Pants," a raspberry; "Diva-in-Training," a bright pink; "Who Let the Dorks Out," a peacock green; and “Slushied," a nice blue. Also three other colours will be available in a mini set; "Sue Vs Shue," a navy blue; “Celibacy Club," a glimmering, diamond top coat and "Express Yourself to Yourself," a coral shimmer shade.

The line is set to release next month is selling for $9.50 each or you can buy the mini set of six for $22. So all Gleeks get prepared.

Since the show is such a hit, I'm pretty sure the nail polish collection will be a major success. It's estimated the line will make $1.5 million in projected sales. It looks like the Glee collection will be the most successful celebrity nail polish collection.

I am a huge fan of fun, bright colours for my nails all year around and by the sounds of it, this collection has a lot of shades I will want to dabble in. EXCITED.


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