Friday, February 18, 2011

Collection Exclusive: Feesk Sandals

The past few days in the city, we have been blessed with above normal temperatures and people are embracing the change. People aren’t bundled up from head-to-toe in warm layers, but instead their heavy winter coats are unbuttoned or even off in some cases. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the temperate just keeps on going up!
Today here at Liipstik to help you think of warmer thoughts, we have a special treat from Toronto-native sandal designer and owner, Fiona Khan. Her line is called Feesk and is an infusion of “East meets West” and takes a cultural twist on the classic sandal.

From England to Spain, Malaysia to Switzerland, back to the US and Canada, Fiona has travelled the globe gaining life changing experiences that have influenced her life, even Feesk. For Fiona it was her vision to create cultural awareness to the masses through her collection that influenced to create Feesk. Also for Fiona the line helps build the bridge between East and West. From just looking at the collection you can see influences from different fashions and cultures from around the world all fused into one fierce sandal. Fiona is just as cultural and unique as her collection; she’s Swiss, Welsh and Pakistani.

To create her sandals, Fiona uses traditional techniques from foreign countries and combines them with local and other international materials to put together the looks. Each Feesk sandal is made of a handmade leather toe-plug, a rubber sole and decorated with one-of-a-kind stones, fabrics, laces and materials. The new collection for spring/summer 2011 will be available in mid-March, just in time for all your spring and summer vacations. So ladies, save up to grab a pair or two for your sunny getaways. I can defiantly see myself in a pair on vacay in Jamaica and even sporting them on the streets of Toronto. They add an exotic and unique feel to summer looks and for sure are different than any sandal you’ll find in the stores. To get your hand on a pair check out or L.A-based retailer

The best thing about Feesk sandals is that 5% profits go to support entrepreneurs gain experience and expand in developing countries via

I love fashion collections that not only have a great message and provide GREAT fashion, but also give back to the community. And the fact that Feesk hails from Toronto makes me love the line even more. If you want to find out more about Feesk sandals check out But for now, check out some pieces from the line.


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  1. Thanks for the lovely write-up! B-L-U-S-H! :)
    The sandals are superlight and perfect for taking on that vacay you mention. Each pair weighs a maximum of 0.4 lbs, and comes in its very own eco-friendly 100 % cotton feesk travel bag. If you dont have a pair of toe plug sandals yet, now might be the time to try them!