Friday, March 4, 2011

Fashion Flashback -- "Yo!"

I have been in a vintage type of mood the past few days and as I was rummaging through some CDs, I stumbled upon Chris Brown's self-titled debut album and it brought back so many memories. "Young Love" was the soundtrack to my first real Valentine's Day with my first ever boyfriend, he didn't know it was our song for the day, but it was. I remember our subway ride home that night. I had the song on repeat on my Sony CD player and was like, "Babe, isn't this song so nice?" Of course he didn't care, but I was in love. Thinking about it; I think I loved Chris and the song and not as much him that night. Lol.

Anyways to the point of the post. Remembering that night, made me think of the fashions back in 2005 and my fave video at the time, Chris Brown's "Yo! (Excuse Me Miss)"

In the video we're introduced to a very young, cute and "fashionable" Brown. I use "fashionable" in quotes because at the time Chris' fashions were on point, but looking back, SMH. Chris' clothes were clearly three sizes too big for him and totally ill fitting. But for 2005, they were so DOPE. I remember back in high school, boys would wear clothes SO BAGGY! Most of the time 2xxl or 3xxl or even 4xxl, when they knew they should have been in a smedium (that's small and medium combined for those who don't know). I am so thankful that today we are out of the "Baggy" look! Boys you look way cuter in your fitted jeans and girls can finally get a good look at your bottoms. Yes, we do look!

Back to the video, my fave look of Brown's were his signature "Chris Brown" jeans with his name printed on the butt pockets, which he paired with a Charlie Brown inspired tee. It was totally personalized from head-to-toe. This look totally brings me back to the time when people use to spray paint their nickname on t-shirts, sneakers, sweaters, basically anything blank clothing item. Don't lie to yourself, you remember going to the flee market on Saturday or Sunday to get some spray paint or hitting up an artistic friend for some spray paint swag. You know you have a spray painted piece of clothing laying in the crib, that you wear to bed sometimes. I had one! I had a 3xl tee shirt. The reason why it was so big was because I use to play ball and wearing tight clothes to a game was not what true ballers did. Back to my shirt, it had a basketball on the front surrounded in flames with "Skinny D" in red and black on the front and back. I loved it! I also had a bejewelled name belt that had my name "Danyell" (My name is actually spelt Danielle) and a name chain, I didn't wear all three at the same time, at least I hope I didn't. Anyways, everyone had their own personalized piece of fashion back from the 2000's.

ahahah Enough of me blabbing on about this video because I can really go on all day. Here are a few more fashion flashbacks about the video:

1. Peep the high-tech Sony Ericsson (era before smartphones)

2. Trey with braids!

3. Erica from Kourtney and Khole Take Miami in her "Bella Honey" tank top with gold-beaded choker

Check out the rest of the video and remember youth!


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