Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Roll Up" with Wiz Khalifa

Check out the new joint from Wiz Khalifa's upcoming album Rolling Papers. The song is called "Rolling Up" and features the stunning model/singer Cassie. I've been a fan of Wiz since his mixtape Cabin Fever I can't lie I liekd the old Wiz better than the new commercial Wiz but what can you do, people change and versatility is good. No more "Black and Yellow" people its time to Roll Up!! This is a good summer track has a great feel good vibe and Cassie looks stunning in the video as per usual, I wonder what Diddy has to say about this..hmmm, lol jk. I can't lie I'm biased towards this video everyone knows I'm a sucker for some tatts and a huge smile lol and I love me some Wiz!! Enjoy!



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