Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seen behind the Scenes-- "Spring Into Love"/ Liipstik "5Stacks Bracelet"

Ever since yesterday we have had an overwhelming amount of positive responses about our shoot and we want to tell you thank you for your continuous support. Ever since we dropped the images a lot of you have inquired about the “Liipstik 5Stack” bracelet that our model was wearing. There are 3 different styles for now “Classic L 5Stack“, “Vintage Vibe 5Stack” and the “Vanilla L 5Stack” . I love jewellery and have a HUGE collection but sometimes you’re looking for something specific and your jewellery box just doesn’t have it. I decided to create these pieces because I love to stack my jewellery, the way I see it the more pieces the better. The bracelets are versatile and can be worn separate or altogether depending on what you’re feelin’! To inquire or place an order for the bracelets please drop us a line at liipstik@gmail.com!

“Classic L 5Stack“

“Vanilla L 5Stack”

“Vintage Vibe 5Stack”

Btw here is a behind the scenes video from the shoot, it was my first time recording and editing anything so don't be too hard on me lol, and of course I'm rocking the Classic L 5Stack bracelet in the video!



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  1. Liipstik! Where can I get myself one of those gorgeous 5 stack bracelets? I love the classic.