Monday, April 11, 2011

Topshop High Summer

Hey Liipstik lovers. I know we have been missing for a few days, but we have been uber busy here at the Liipstik factory. But don't fret my pet, we're a-okay!

Here is a look at Topshop's High Summer Campaign and I must say j'adore. It totally can appeal to all different types of ladies and their style and in each look I totally see a little of myself. I'm super excited to see Topshop hit the city, I hope it is sooner than later because all this online shopping and going to New York for all the fab fashions breaks a bit of my pocket.

Looking at the campaign is totally getting me more and more excited for summer and spring. I am being completely honest, I have never been so excited for summer. I think it is because last summer I had a pretty amazing time and I just hope I can have just as much fun!

In the meantime check out the photos from the campaign.

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