Friday, May 13, 2011

Court Drama For Mr. Dior

Every fashion lover has been following the trails and tribulations of ex-creative director of Dior, John Galliano, since his anti-Semitic remarks back in October 2010. Back on that autumn day in front of La Perle, a Paris bar, a couple accused Galliano of yelling racist and anti-Semitic insults at them. Shortly after, a video was released of the fashion exec saying “I love Hitler.”

Since that day Galliano hasn't had it easy, he has been suspended and fired from his job at Dior, apologized for his statements, went to rehab and fired his lawyer.

Galliano will be going to High Court in Paris on June 22 for his public insult trial. If found guilty Galliano can be in some hot water. He can serve up to six months in jail and be fined 22,500 euros. In France to insult someone because of their origin, religious beliefs, race or ethnicity is a big deal.

I still can't believe that in our society today we will have to deal with racism is an issue. SMH.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens to Galliano come his trial date.


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