Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gucci Reaches 50!

Finally spring has arrived and it looks like it’s here to stay. With a new season comes new and fresh magazine covers featuring the hottest collections of the season. This spring is no exception. Prada’s bright and bold collection has been on the cover of 48 magazine issues worldwide. Even Dolce & Gabana’s spring/summer 2011 clothes have graced the cover of 42 issues. Impressive huh?? But Gucci’s jewel-toned and 70’s-inspired collection takes the cake! It has been featured on over 50 magazine covers!

From Beyonce to Naomi to January Jones to Katy Perry the newest spring collection has been seen on stars from around the globe. Not to mention, every fashion publication on earth, like Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle, Fashion has showed off the Gucci collection. I don’t blame them, the collection is HOT! And it’s my favourite!

Congrats!! I’m sure we’ll see more and more covers dawning the coveted collection as the weather starts to heat up. Check out some of the magazine covers below.


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