Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Toronto Lovin' -- Shaq

Several weeks ago, Liipstik had the pleasure of interviewing Toronto's newest hip-hop talent, Shaq. His mixtape "Top Prospect" dropped last week on the web and has been stirring up TONS on buzz since the release!!!!!

Today we have a DOUBLE Liipstik treat for you. My fave tune from the mixtape "Prom Night Romance" finally has a video and it is the CUTEST thing ever. This 18-year-old rapper truly captured the essence of prom!!! Literally watching the video made me remember my prom and how i went solo dolo, but I wish I brought the boy who i was drooling over at the time!!! AWWWW YOUNG LOVE!!!


Also check out his mixtape below and tell us what you think. It's a great feel for the summer, and I will for sure be playing this in my car and on my ipod.

There is nothing I love than Toronto artists and summer time, so this is the perfect combo for me!!! I'm LOVING SHAQ and loving our talented Canadian urban artists.


I know I will!!


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