Friday, July 22, 2011

Liipstik Exclusive -- Sport Chek Fall/Winter 2011 Preview

Earlier in the week, Liipstik had an exclusive invitation to preview the fall/winter 2011 products that will be hitting Sport Chek in the next coming weeks. This was the first time Sport Chek had a fall/winter product preview and today we are going to show you the collections and our FAVES!!!

The best part about the clothes at the Sport Chek fall preview, were they are all functional and fashionable at the same time. It’s an easy switch from being active to getting ready for a walk down the street. Also we noticed most of the items were great transitional pieces from autumn to winter, which is always best when you’re looking to buy some key fall staples. Enough of me talking about the goodies we had the chance to see, we`ll just show you. Everything will be hitting stores as soon as August and as the fall and winter season approaches, more items will be released!

Yes it is SUPER HOT outside, but today Liipstik is going to help you cool down with thoughts of fall and winter fashion. ENJOY!

S3 -- Snow, Skate Surf

S3 to Liipstik means sneakers, skateboards and sun!!! But at Sport Chek it stands for snow, skate and surf, basically everything this whole collection embodies. It`s the perfect wardrobe for the athlete who loves to look just as good on and off the field. A lot of these pieces were very functional and fashionable. It was filled with fun bright colours, unique fabrics and patterns and fresh to death shoes!!! Plus durable, light and stretchy fabrics perfect for athletes on the go or athletes who love to look good while staying active. There is literally everything here; sweaters, jackets, skate sneakers, regular sneakers, long boards, denim, sunglasses and many more. So many options! All I have to say is FUN, FUN and more FUN!

O`neill Escape Albalore Fleece Hoody; O`neill Cyrus Jeans; Skull Candy Rasta Head Phones; O`neill Jordache Tee; DC Aura Boot.


Dani – My absolute favourite item releasing as part of the fitness collection is the Livestrong black and yellow hooded jacket. The Livestrong collection is also an exclusive line to Sport Chek. I loved it so much I wanted to punch the mannequin for it! But honestly it is adorable. It's perfect for the fall morning or evening jogs, where it starts to get chilly. The jacket isn’t heavy but it still has some extra fabric to keep you warm if it’s cold.

Black Sunnto Watch; Freestyle Orange Digital Watch

In addition, for all the yoga Liipstik lovers, WWE celeb Trish Stratus has released her yoga collection called Stratusphere. The line features a yoga mat, towel and block, which is exclusively at Sport Chek. Also there is a MMA training collection for all the UFC and MMA addicts, which features Hayabusa Ashi foot grips, shin guards, PRO hybrid gloves and more.

Student Athlete

Chey – I also loved the sneakers because they were lightweight and perfect for jogging but also had a positive message that made them more special than all the other sneakers currently on the market. As a woman and strong supporter of breast cancer awareness, these sneakers had a tribute section on the side of the shoe where you can write who you're running for. Depending on the situation it could be a friend or family member who has either beat Cancer or has succumbed to the disease or maybe you want to write that you're running for all women. Whatever you write the fact that you can customize them is a unique feature to your regular running shoe.

For all the Freshmen, check out the Nike Elite Line featuring a hoody, tee, shorts, basketball and the Nike’s Zoom Hyperfuse basketball shoe! The shoe is super light and has air pockets on the side to allow your feet to breathe while running up and down the court. I hope it reduces smelly feet too!!!!

Urban Winter

Dani -- I know it is UBER hot outside and thinking of fall and winter is one of the last things on people`s minds, but I know fashion is never far. For fall and winter I am loving this DC pink, gray and turquoise jacket. I just love the colours, o0o0o and did I mention the extended sleeves!!!! FUN!

You may be thinking this is just a boot, but it`s special. With the power of a battery, you can power up your boots and have heat all day LONG! No more frozen feet! Really this is one of the things I hate most about winter, finding the perfect pair of boots that look cute and can keep my feet warm at the same time. But really, if it has a heater built in the shoe, it beats ALL OF THEM!! This is the Columbia Bugaboot Plus Electric Winter Boot and it`s GENIUS!!! I don`t really care `cause you`re a BUGABOOT (Sorry I had to reference one of my fave Destiny`s Child songs) I got so excited when I seen these! It`s available for men and women!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Burton Leather Mitten
Oakley GB Insulated Jacket

Winter Sporting

Chey -- I'm a hat girl. I love the fall and winter because you can always mix and match and wear different hats to suit your mood or to just keep you fashionable and warm. I absolutely loved the multicoloured Burton toque with the pink pom pom because its casual, yet still trendy and perfect if you want to add a pop of colour to a boring winter ensemble. Super cute!

Bejewelled, studded and sparkly Atomic Live Fit 90 Ski Boot. Really ladies this is just a the way to go down the slopes, super girls and cute.

Superfree Ski. THERE is a jewel in the middle of the ski, not to mention a beautiful graphic design. It SCREAMS girl.

Dani -- UMMMMMMMM one of the best things I saw at the preview. It`s a GoPro HD Helmet Hero Cam that you strap on to your bike, helmet, or skis to capture all your fun! Really I think I would want to wear one all day this would make my day SOOOOOO MUCH MORE FUN!!!!!`

For checking out our exclusive invitation inside Sport Chek`s autumn & winter collection, Liipstik has a SPECIAL treat for all of our readers. We're looking for your BEST planking picture. It can be inside or outside of a Sport Chek , just show us how you stay active and fit and you can WIN a $100 gift card from Sport Chek!! Send your picture submissions with the subject line `Planking For Sport Chek` to and you can win!!!


Contest ends August 1st, 2011.


Loving it

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