Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Liipstik Lusthave-- Liipstik "Onesies"

Ok so you've been all asking about new beads for the 5stack so we have "Liipstik Onesies" and these can be purchased seperately or you can customize your "5stack bracelet". We've got a lot of fun pieces that will gradually be released on the website so stay tuned! For any orders or inquiries email us at liipstik@gmail.com.

We appreciate the Liipstik love and support and below we have some of our loyal readers who've purchased some pieces and wanted to show us how they rock 'em. Thnx for the pics guys!

Liipstik "Onesies" x Liipstik "A hoy lady" necklace

"Classic 5Stack"

Liipstik "Onesies" x Liipstik "Snap, crackle, pop" necklace

"Vintage vibe 5stack"

"Classic 5stack"



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