Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ANTM On The Catwalk

Every season of ANTM don't you ever wonder what happens to the girls who aren't named America's Next Top Model? I know I do. The girls are just as fierce for making it into the competition, but not the best to win the crown! Well today we have an update for you.

Do you remember Isis King?? If you don't she was the ANTM contestant who stole the spotlight as a background model as a homeless youth in one of the shoots for the 10th season. Then she joined the cast in the 11th season as the first transgendered model to compete. Isis will also be one of the 14 All-Star contestants in ANTM's upcoming 17th season.

Isis was spotted strutting her stuff during Baltimore fashion week in the Yeni's Collection fashion show wearing a teal jumpsuit by Omoyeni Makinde. Looking good girl, looking good.

This upcoming season of ANTM looks like it is going to be a good one!!


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