Friday, December 9, 2011

XOLS by Liipstik

You've all been asking so we have decided to upload the pictures of some of the pieces we have for sale.

Below is a picture-list of our cute, funky, and very trendy accessories that you can mix match or pair with any outfit. We use semi precious stones as well as beads with Swarovski crystal elements to make sure you are sparkly all day everyday.

Want to mix the beads up a bit, have big wrists? We offer customized bracelets so shoot us an email at

We also ship within Canada and the US! Drop us a line for the shipping rates.

**To place a customized 5 stack order keep in mind that they include 1 gold chain strap bracelet and 3 additional beads of your choice, there will be an extra charge for any additional beads chosen.

A Hoy lady Necklace

A hoy lady necklace: Beige rope intertwined with Jasper bead accents finished with an antic gold chain $25

Crumble Necklace

Crumble necklace: Light green swarovski crystal beads, silver swarovski crystal beads intertwined with Freshwater peacock rice pearls topped off with antic gold chain $30

Crumble earrings

Crumble drop earrings: Light green swarovski crystal bead, silver swarovski crystal beads x tear drop black swarovski crystal beaded earrings with silver rod attached to the velvet backing $30

RegaL Crumble bracelet

Crumble bracelet: chocolate swarovski beads x burgundy pearls x black iridescent intertwined bracelet with a gold link chain $25

Creme Onesies

Left to Right: pale pink, light peach, dark peach, x peachy pink glass bead $7/ea.

Zen Onesies

Dalmation jade with black accents bracelet $8/ea.

Turquoise Howlite square beads $7/ea.

Dyed Chrysocolla beaded bracelet with gold accents or gold crown charm $8/ea.

Turquoise beads $8/ea.

Grass turquoise beads $8/ea.

Tribal Print Onesies

Dalmation Jasper beaded bracelet with or without copper accents $8/ea.

Black matte beads with gold and Dalmation Jasper accents $7/ea.

Dzi Tibetan agate beads $8/ea.

Snake eyes beaded bracelet $7/ea.

RegaL Onesies

Burgundy pearl bracelets $5/ea.

Burgundy pearl bracelet with gold accents or crown charm $7/ea.

Picture Jasper beaded bracelet $7/ea.

Chocolate brown beads with Swarovski crystal elements $7/ea.

Purple People Eater Onesies

Freshwater peacock pearl bracelet $8/ea.

Lilac beads with gold accents $7/ ea.

Freshwater peacock rice pearls x beaded Swarovski crystal bracelet $9/ea.

Pewter gold beads $8/ea.

Mixed earth tone high-gloss beads $8/ea.

Fire engine red Howlite oval and square beads $8/ea.

*Red square bead sold out*

Yellow glass beads $7/ea.

**5 Stack examples**

"Fuego Onesie" $25 x snake eyes beaded bracelet $7/ea.

"Vintage Vibe 5 Stack" $35

"Classic L 5Stack" $30 x silver metal bead (far lft) $7/ea.



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