Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hey guys here is the recap to this week's ANTM, episode number 3! The girls participate in a challenge hosted by Toccara to show how well these wannabe models know about the fashion industry. What were the prizes up for grabs you ask? Gift cards of $500 for each group member and the chance to do a go-see with for their chance to win $2500 to spend on the site AND shoot their spring campaign (woot woot)! The blue team consisting of Angelea, Simone, Jessica, Alexandra, and Krista win the challenge and Simone wins the opportunity to shoot their spring campaign. As a consolation prize the girls who did not win the challenge won the opportunity to do inventory for lol *womp womp*.

Back at the house, some girls were obviously extra salty about losing the challenge. And Brenda decides to act like a mother hen (aka Geppetto according to Krista) and tells all the girls on her team that it was bed time. She later snaps because Ren shows her that the other girls were saying she resembles a Chuckie doll and Miranda from Sex and the City. Ren, as per usual, continues to whine and moan about hating the drama and wanting to go home.(I loves that child’s face but if she doesn’t shut up, she is really gonna get it!).

The girls photo shoot for the week is dance inspired portraying different genres choreographed by Troy Powell and shot by Cade Martin. Alasia puts in work and turns it out for the haters with her interpretive dance moves; Simone struggles with her hip-hop moves worse than Julia Styles did in "Save the last Dance;" and Brenda is super confused when it comes to African dancing.

At panel, Tyra is dressed in a nude lookin leotard joint and I was NOT feeling it. Andre Leon Talley adores Alasia and Angela once again, even though Alasia came to panel looking like a Soulja Boy groupie in her AA body suit 'where they do that at?’. In the end Ren was sent packing. She may be stunning, but the fact she was doing the show so her mom would like her showed in her photos, she needs therapy and a hug!


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