Thursday, March 25, 2010

Diary of a Fab Stylist

Hey guys my name is Quenci aka Chey and I make up one half of the Liipstik team. I’m definitely an animated and very random person for the people who know me I always have moments where I say and do really random things and I just wanted to share with you a few of my fave things each season. Every now and then you’ll get a feel of what goes on in my mind in terms of what creations I adore from my fave designers. I'm an accessory girl I’m all about those accents to your wardrobe that will add the pop that you need. My style varies I can’t really classify it because I'm a mish mash of everything, I don’t believe in limiting myself. Sometimes I like to be over the top in something vintage or I'll take a simple LBD up a notch with funky accessories, for the most part I do live by the motto less is more. Its generally not necessary to throw all the must haves of the season in one outfit in order for you to be considered fashionable, but there are ways to add one or two elements to an outfit to add a unique twist. I believe fashion should be effortless and your look should be your own mini interpretation of who you are. Because your look is the first thing people see put your best foot forward at all times, don’t imitate or you!


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