Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring & Summer - Top 5 "Got-To" Grabs

Yesterday, liipstik told you how to incoporate one of the season's trends into your wardrobe, colour. Today we're going to introduce you to trend number deux for the season, denim. Read more for tips on how to make this trend work.

It's a denim delight. The classic 80s staple of denim-on-denim made a roaring comeback on major runways this spring and summer season. The key to making this denim on denim look come together it’s all about contrast. Mixing two washes of denim and even two fabrics is great for this casual look. It's a perfect summer staple that can be done perfectly right or horribly wrong. If you’re scared to mix denims, start off simple with a jean jacket, denim shorts or a nice denim top.

(Photos: Chole, D&G, Jean Paul Gaultier, Stella McCartney, Rag&Bone)

Easy Tip:Best and most convenient place to find vintage and distressed looking denim, is at a thrift or vintage store. Not to mention, no one will have your unique and one of a kind denim look, so why not do a little digging. I was sifting through all my bags and boxes of old clothes in my basement and I found my favourite jean jacket from high school. And it still fits like a glove!! SCORE!

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