Monday, March 29, 2010

Get this look!! -- FreshMen Edition

I always say that guys have it sooo much easier as far as fashion is concerned in comparison to females. Men don't have a lot of options and therefore in theory it should be a lot easier for them to look good.

Following the "Get this look post" featuring Lala Vasquez, a few gentleman hit us up in regards to doing the same feature but catering to men. All women want a guy that is confident and fashionable so here is a spring look that is easy for guys to obtain on a budget!!

I'm completely OBSESSED with rolled jeans on guys, its very stylish and for alot of men it may push the fashion envelope. When trying to achieve this rolled look make sure your jeans are not too long and are not too baggy because then it goes from looking stylish too looking bulky and sloppy.

Easy Tip: When you roll up your jeans, they should look effortless and kind of messy, not like you sat there and folded and ironed your jeans to perfection.

For those men who don't feel comfortable in rolled up jeans these Levis joints are very versatile and can also be rolled down, achieving an equally fashionable look. This is a casual semi-dressy look ,so an ideal place to wear this fit would be to a casual restaurant, on a date to the movies, or to the mall if you want to send the right fashionable message!

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