Friday, April 16, 2010

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung, MTV host of The Alexa Chung Show is famous for her smash hit blowing up the American airwaves. Not only that, this saucy Brit is just as famous for her unique and stylish wardrobe. Chung brought her across the pond fashions to North America for all of us to adore. This charismatic Brit has always been stylish and has been true to her own personal flare and swagger.

Earlier in the week, Chung was seen in New York after dinner rocking a white crochet top, destroyed denim shorts , a military inspired army green men`s top and grey socks and navy blue strappy sandals. And Chung topped it off with a classic black Chanel vintage purse. HOW FLIPPING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, simplicity at its finest. J`adore. Even like her pose for the camera says "I just threw this on and look DOPE. I know, i know." It`s flawless, looks effortless, yet still SCREAMS fashion forward and gets liipstik`s seal of approval!

Need a cute summer look ladies? Take note!


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