Thursday, April 15, 2010

ANTM Recap

This episode of ANTM involved a lot of drama Angelea is definitely becoming an instigator on this episode by trying to start some trouble with Brenda, Jessica and Raina. The girls are late to the introduction to their challenge because of Alasia and Ms J lets them know, its not acceptable in this industry. Ann Shoket of Seventeen magazine teaches the girls how to put together an outfit that works with their specific body type and I must say its about time because a lot of those chica's stay looking tore up! The drama continues and Alasia starts cussing out Jessica in the limo. Brenda crosses the line and calls Angelea uneducated because of the way she speaks, and of course Angelea strikes back and snaps!

For this weeks challenge the girls attend a party for the launch of Tinsley Mortimer's handbag line for Samantha Thavasa. The challenge was to have one on one time with Tinsley and she would judge them based on their outfits and personality. Alasia clammed up and struggled with opening up and relating to Tinsley she came off as nervous and shy. The challenge winner was Jessica and she won a shoot with Seventeen magazine showing off her personal style. Jessica also chose Raina and Brenda to partake in the challenge win.

For this weeks shoot the girls do their first Covergirl ad on the moving S train in NYC, shot by Mike Ruiz. Each girl was channeling a specific type of New York women (eg. upper eastside socialite, fashionista, and student etc.) There was a guest appearance by the winner of cycle 13 Nicole, it was nice to see her since I totally forgot about her...its probably because I haven't seen her in any editorials since her win..*womp*. Nicole introduces Covergirl's new product, Shadow blast eye shadow to the girls.

Angelea was confident and very poised during her shoot everyone on the set loved her! According to Jay Brenda looked old and because of this, lost her young carefree vibe. Alasia does soooo bad on her shoot that Jay says she doesn’t even have a pic to show Tyra, her pics were flat and she was the worst of the night.

Im sooo upset with Tyra can someone PLEASE tell me why she insists on wearing these dumb unflattering rompers, im sooo sick and TIRED of this look and it needs to end immediately. Tyra didn't even accessorize, to distract the viewer from her wack outfit. I swear I could talk about my disdain for Tyra's fits allll night but I'll digress. I love Andre Leon and his made up words lol, he had the nerve to call Jessica's shoes "Dred-calla" and he also said her pic didn't say Covergirl Cosmetics. Of course Alasia's pic falls flat and even Andre Leon doesn't love it...surprisingly! Angelea's pic was called "dynamite" , "fascinating ", and "alluring " by Nigel and Andre and she therefore recieves best picture of the week. Alasia and Brenda found themselves in the bottom two, and I cant lie Alasia has come a long way and I feel like she can deliver better than Brenda, I was definately at the edge of my seat waiting for the final decision. In the end, Alasia stays and Brenda goes home but I swear Alasia was about to have a seizure the way she was carrying on, it was tres dramatic! I dont like Brenda so she doesn't get a moment of silence lol, so lets keep it moving till next time.



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