Thursday, April 15, 2010

H&M "Fashion against AIDS"

Since 2008, H&M has created two “Fashion against AIDS” collections featuring t-shirts designed by celebrities speaking about safe sex. This year, the company has decided to release a whole collection dedicated to men and women for the Coachella Music Festival including clothes and accessories even tents, sleeping bags lawn chairs and condoms. The message will stay the same, practice safe sex.

The hippie chic-inspired collection will be released May 20th and 25 percent of the sales will be donated to youth HIV/AIDS awareness projects such as Designers against AIDS, MTV Staying Alive and UNFPA (the Population Fund of the United Nations).

I always love the fun collections H&M comes out with throughout the year, but when it’s fashion and a collection with a cause it means a lot more. I really love the fact that it’s not only going to be clothes and accessories and that the collection is going to be expanded into some lifestyle pieces. Just imagine sleeping under the stars in your trendy and hip H&M “Fashion against AIDS” sleeping bag. You’ll have sweet fashionable dreams for sure!

Here’s some pictures from the collection that will be released at H&M on May 20th.


Read more to check out more pics from the campaign

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