Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fashion Flashback

Since spring/summer is here, it’s time for everyone to get their shoe/sandal game up to par. And I think one staple that everyone needs in their summer wardrobe is a fresh, clean, brand new pair of white kicks. And back in 2002, Nelly agreed. He was so adamant about the theory of having cool, fresh kicks that he even made a song about it. For that today our fashion flashback comes from Nelly and the St. Lunatic’s, “Air Force Ones.” This one is definitely for the fellas!

In this video, we’re going to pay tribute to, of course, the Air Force 1. Let’s be honest, EVERYONE and their mama had a pair of these shoes, especially after the release of this single. They came in either high tops additions or low cuts, no matter what style they came in they were dope!

For the Air Force 1 there are no stats in regards to the sales of the sneakers and whether they went up after the song came out, but for sure it’s the best-selling sneaker ever sold by Nike. The shoes were so popular that they came is 1,800 different colour combinations and also had limited additions of the sneakers, sometimes even costs thousands of dollars. Even though there was so much variety for the shoe, the basic white-on-white was the favourite among masses.

I remember getting my first pair of Air Force 1’s. I was in the 10th grade and it was spring. I didn’t have a new pair for the season, so my mom and I headed over to FootLocker. And there they were, a pair of white low-cut Air Force 1’s. Boy when I tell you I was excited, I was EXCITED! I bought fours pair of fat laces (black, white, red and baby blue) so I could match them according to the colour of my outfit. I even made a checkered pattern with the laces, so they would have some FLARE. HEY, don’t laugh. You know you did it too!!!

My favourite line in the song is when Nelly raps, “Cause once you scuff ‘em, they f*** up your whole night.” It’s true once you scuff your brand new kicks it does suck, but it shouldn’t mess up your whole night. WHOA Nelly, Nelly, Nelly, you just have to relax my friend.

Enough about me blabbing about the video watch it for yourself and reminisce about your first pair. And remember get a nice pair of crisp, white shoes for the new fashion season. It doesn’t have to be a pair of Air Force 1s, just make sure they ain’t scuffed!! Right Nelly? Lol


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