Thursday, April 29, 2010

Liipstik FreshMen -- Tyga

Last night, I was browsing the web and I stumbled upon Young Money's up-and-coming star and liipstik freshman, Tyga and his new music video "G-Shit" featuring Chris Brown.

Why is Tyga being honored and added to the list of liipstik FreshMen?

Well his swagger is CRAZY!!!

Girls love him!

He's tatted!

And MOST IMPORTANTLY his style is so unique. It's super casual, young, hip, and trendy! He use to go out with supermodel Chanel Iman, so you know he picked up a few fashion tips there.

There is no denying Tyga's defiantly a liipstik freshman, but this video I'm not the biggest fan. The song is great, I love the beat very Neptunes-like. But the video is one of those that can ruin how much I enjoy the song! You know those songs, you wish it didn't have a video at all!! *lol*

In the video it's just him and Chris at a house party surrounded by girls in bikinis by the pool. Like I know those are key for a rap video, BUT Tyga babe you could have done S0O0O0O MUCH BETTER. Where was the creativity?

Not to mention Chris Brown raps! Ya, I said rapping. Not once, but twice. I even think he raps more than Tyga himself. Check the 1:39 mark for yourself.

Even though the video isn't the greatest, Tyga still looks 0o0o s0o0o cute in his jean jacket, plaid top, fitted jeans topped off with some bling and his Pittsburgh Pirates. I can still watch his cute little face.


*kiddies, there is a lot of swearing, so cover your ears*


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