Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summer Lovin'

The past few days in Toronto, we’ve been graced with beautiful weather. And beautiful weather calls for new summer clothes and even cuter couples.

I can’t even count how many cute and stylish couples I’ve seen on the streets in the past couples of days. Here at liipstik we’re lovers of fashion and lovers of love. And when add the two together, you get MAGIC.

So over the next few days we’ll be showing you our FAVOURITE stylish and fly couples seen on scene and show you and your boo how to get the look too!

Today we’re going to take a look at liipstik lovely lady Chanel Iman and her boyfriend Chris Smith. We call them our young hip and trendy couple. Read more about this hot couple, who not only love to flirt with each other, but flirt with fashion too.

Supermodel Chanel Iman was seen dating Ryan Leslie and Young Money Rapper Tyga for a minute, but now she’s boo’d up with Christopher Smith. We got introduced to the pair last August when Chanel posted a Twitpic with her and her man on vacation in the Bahamas. And since then the two have been inseparable.

The two looked uber cute soaking up the sun down south and continue to look cute in and around NYC during fashion week, going to a movie premiere or just hanging out. Here’s our favourite picture of the couple. Chanel looks so happy in her cut-up black leggings, with a matching cut-up white tee and topped off with a leather jacket. Chris looks confident and cool in all-black EVERYTHING. For this cute and edgy look the pair gets liipstik's seal of approval!

To make sure all you ladies get liipstik's seal of approval and you fellas can be named a liipstik freshmen, check back in a few days to learn how to get this look.

My favourite thing about this pair, is that they are always having fun with fashion and always compliment each others style and swag. And somehow, whether they plan it or not they are MATCHING.... Not like wearing the exact same outfit, but are following the same colour story, style and are looking 0o0o s0o0o fly.

But for now check out some pics to Chanel and Chris having fun and looking fly.


(February 2010 -- Chanel spinning the one's and two's at the H&M Sonia Rykeil Launch Party in NYC, with her boo by her side)

(February 2010 @ Mercedes Benz Fashion Week -- On Valentine's day, Chris and Chanel chilling backstage at Bryant Park . I love that she's sporting an "I HEART my boyfriend" t-shirt. Can you feel the love!?)

(September 2009 -- The stylish pair at the special screening of "The September Issue" at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. awwwww soo cute!)

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