Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Behind the Scenes -- Liipstik's Swimsuit Shoot

Hey Liipstik fam the last couple weeks have been so busy for us we've been doing lots of shoots and havent had much time to post. May 16th we actually did a shoot for our lookbook, showcasing the seasons hottest swimwear. We were fortunate enough to have some exclusive pieces from Bathing Belles Swimwear which we absolutely adored! Here are some behind the scene pics of how Liipstik gets down, we work hard and we also know how to have fun!

Special Thanks goes to:

Robert McGee (Photographer)
Bathing Belles Swimwear
Sofiya (NAM Models)
Toshera (Hair)
Brittany (Makeup)

Look out for the finished product in a few weeks!!

Quenci accessorizing the lovely Sofiya

Brittany doing her thing with the makeup

Dani doing some creative directing (lol)

Quenci having some downtime on the boardwalk

Toshera making sure Sofiya's hair is on point!

Dani showing Sofiya how to work the board!




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