Monday, May 31, 2010

Diary of a Fab stylist -- "Purse-candy" by Sang A

When I first laid eyes on a Sang A clutch my eyes nearly popped out of my head! She creates, clutches, handbags, wallets, backpacks etc, using the finest in alligator, ostrich, and python skins to name a few. She is definitely one to look out for in the luxury bag department.

I swear for like 20 mins I was in purse heaven. Ladies you guys know you can NEVER have too many bags! I love them all!! All of her creations just drip fabulosity, you don't even need to wear clothes while rocking one of her bags, lol. Since I cant indulge in real life I'll indulge on these pages, check out some of my top "purse-candy" picks from the Sang A collection.



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