Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fashion Flashback -- Viewer's Choice

To me, Usher is one of the best dressed men in the music industry because his look is always well polished, put together, trendy, classic and he looks gentleman. I’m not going to lie, he has had some fashion boo-boos (His 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend batman-inspired performance look. Not a good look), but either way he’s always trying to do something different and take a risk with fashion.

Today’s fashion flashback request comes from one of our liipstik lovers with the initials K.C. In the email K.C writes:

“Hey Liipstik,
I really like reading your blog everyday and hearing about the latest news in the fashion industry. I enjoy the fact that it’s not only for the ladies fashions, but guys like me, can get some fashion and styling tips too. One of my favourite videos growing up was Usher’s “My Way” and I was wondering if you can do a fashion flashback on it . Not only is it s BIG tune, it’s a classic.

Keep grindin’, I see you’re goin hard.

Thank you K.C for the suggestion! I LOVES IT!! Usher has COUNTLESS amounts of music videos where his fashion stands out and of course trendsetting, so it’s only fit that we FINALLY do a fashion flashback for the R&B superstar.

Read more to see this fashion flashback

Let me just say, I have a NEW obsession with jumpy castles and the fact "My Way" starts off with Usher and a pretty lady jumping around in one, makes me love it even more!!! It sets the tone for the whole video because from that moment you see the pair jumping around, you know it’s going to be fun! The 1997 hit was one of the most playful and fun videos of that year and I love that it's fun, playful and of course has the BEST dance moves ever.

First let’s start off by saying I wanted to be this girl in the video. One, because of her of so awesome outfit; satin pants, belly chain and cropped belly top. Who could go wrong? Not to mention, she has Usher and Tyrese fighting over her! Come on, who wouldn’t want the two hottest boys all over you!!! And of course the all-girl dance break towards the end of the video is one more of a reason why I wanted to be this girl! OMG LOVES IT! I'm not ashamed to say, I was 10-years-old and I tried this dance. Yes, I tried it. I thought if I learned the dance I could woo both Usher and Tyrese. Can’t a girl dream?

Since the beginning of Usher’s career, he always wears his signature “U” blinged out chain in all his music videos. And till this day, 13 years after this video, he's still rocking it! And I love it. It’s an Usher staple that’s simple, chic, and adds a bit flare to each outfit.

Even in this video Usher’s chain standouts against his very vibrant and colourful ensembles. His whole gang is decked out in crazy patterns and bright colours. Look at his coat and lime green top thoughout the whole video, s0o00o bright, kind of hurt my eyes a little. But it goes with the theme of the video; fun, crazy and bright. The whole gang looks s0o0o cute and they're having a blast. I want to be part of this colourful, fun bunch.

Now let’s talk about my man Tyrese and his cameo in the video with his “scary” gang that's decked out in head-to-toe bleached out denim. Everyone in this gang was covered in full out denim-on-denim, Timbaland’s and looked cool as hell. Even Tyrese had a sleeveless denim jumpsuit, showing off his lovely arms! It was a good look at the time, but if I seen any boy decked out in bleach stained denim from top to bottom NOW, it won’t work.

Enough of me blabbing about Usher let’s get into “My Way.” I hope you enjoy K.C.


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