Thursday, July 15, 2010

Exclusives -- Jay Baruchel shows some puppy love for GQ!

The last few days we've been dropping a lot of editorials and cover pics from the GQ. They've been bringing the heat as of late and this editorial is no exception!

Canadian cutie Jay Baruchel, best known for his roles in "Tropic Thunder" and "Million Dollar Baby" is giving you grown and playful in the August issue of GQ.

Jay is usually pigeonholed as the geek/nerd but he's definately showing a sexier side of himself and we love it!

This shoot revolves around showcasing rainslickers from various menswear designers. Now since I'm a sucker for a hot trench, I'm definately gonna go with look numero uno on this one. Loving the green lining on the trench because it adds that pop of colour which us Liipstik ladies love! See fellas, you can still be fly while splashing around in the rain! More pics after the jump!



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