Friday, July 23, 2010

Workout in Style

What do you get when you add one of Britain's best and brightest clothing designer, some spandex and a major sports clothing and apparel line??

It's simple. Stella McCartney's new line for Adidas. This time around the fashionable Brit collaborated with Adidas to create a fall women's performance wear line. And boy has working out never looked s0o0o0o0o good.

Some of the workout tops are very edgy and I can see some ladies wearing it out to a night out on the town. But I just don't know if some ladies are willing to spend $220on workout clothes, let alone a top to wear to a party.

Not only will McCartney be putting her artistic stamp and vision on this line, but for the 2012 Olympic games in Britain she will be designing the outfits for her country's Olympic team!!

I like this line. It's different and not every designer goes and creates a workout line for ladies. It's creative, fun and sexy!

Be the judge for yourself.


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