Monday, August 2, 2010


This weekend was Caribana in Toronto for all you out of towners the event is a great experience for anyone who wants to try something new while getting a taste of the Caribbean culture. On Saturday the parade took place showcasing all of the vibrant and intricate costumes that have the perfect dose of drama to make each section stand out from each other. Fab chick and Liipstik co-founder Danielle was even in the parade along with some fab Liipstik ladies "wukking up" lol in celebration of Caribana.

There were a plethora of events that popped off this weekend and for anyone who was interested the nightlife was bananas. Just know that at least one time during the weekend the popular soca tune "Palance" by JW and Blaze was bumping through someones speakers. It became a hit sensation earlier in the year and ever since then the infectious melody and lyrics have caught on like wildfire so much, that even Ms. Beyonce was seen palancing at a show in Trinidad earlier in the year. I'm definately dubbing "Palance" the caribana anthem of 2k10. Overall the weekend was amazing and there were so many swexy men it made my head spin lol, gotta love some chocolate, swag and some sexy tatts, YUM! Check the "Palance" video and some mass pics below!

Beyonce Palancing in TnT to "Check on it"



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