Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gucci's Guilty Pleasure

Gucci is getting ready to release their newest fragrance called "Guilty" in a few weeks. The Italian brand has just released a trailer for the commercial for the scent starring Chris Evan and Evan Rachel Wood. Wood also is featured in the print ads fro the fragrance.

The full commercial will premiere on September 12th at the MTV Video Music Awards. It is directed by Frank Miller. The same guy who brought you the neo-noir film "Sin City."

I love this commercial because it's not your average fragrance commercial. I'm use to seeing an actress or model with big hair and a huge gown followed around a hot guy in love by her alluring scent. But this ad speaks to both men and women. While at the same time, it like a movie and screams HOLLYWOOD. There is speed, fire, hot wheels and young Hollywood stars. COME ON!!! This is definitely a seller. This fragrance better be as exciting as the commercial.

But until we see the final product, we just have the trailer as a tease. Check it out!


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